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Presenting Katia Provencher, Director of London Hideaways

Katia has been the Director of Paris Hideaways since creating the agency in 2003 and has recently launched her new company London Hideaways.

She caught the Short-term property rental bug 15 years ago when she bought 2 Paris apartments which she immediately set up as vacation rentals. It was quite daring at the time!

However, she had been working in the field of tourism for so long that renting vacation apartments seemed the natural path to follow. As both a property owner and former Paris tour manager , she feels she has a unique understanding of the needs of both her clients booking with Paris Hideaways and London Hideaways as well as the Vacation Apartment Owners themselves.

She is French Canadian, and spent over 15 years living in France as a Tour Director for various companies, where she led mainly American tour groups through Paris, the rest of France and London.

Love knows no frontier, and she now lives in England with her baby daughter Lili and her husband. Katia found a new passion in London and recently launched a sister company London Hideaways where she provides the same quality service providing high quality vacation apartment for her clients while matching their requirements and expectation. And she loves it too.

One could say she definitely knows London and Paris from an outsider's perspective. In fact, it was easy for a north american like her, living in London to spot what would make or break the success of a short-term furnished apartment with her fellow north americans. It is with that in mind, combined with her knowledge of traveler's expectations, and her years of living in London, that she slowly and carefully built up a selection of quality apartments located in the best parts of London where experiencing London like a local starts at your door step.

After such a long time leading tourists through all parts of London, she knows the city as well (if not better) than most locals. If you’re visiting the main tourist sites she can help you designing an easy itinerary. If it’s off-the-beaten-path London you’re hoping to experience, then she can supply you with great tips and tricks to how to live in London like a local during your stay. London Gourmet? Ask her again, her husband is a Michelin star chef, she talks "good food" on a daily basis!

In addition to London Hideaways, she is also the proud owner of vacation apartments around the world! Her London Hideaway is located in London West End Fitzrovia, The Plateau Mont-Royal is home to her luxury Montreal rental and she recently acquired 2 lovely 1950's Florida cottages on the West coast in Bonita Springs.

The London Hideaways Benefits viewed through Katia's eyes...

"The aim at London Hideaways is to make our clients feel that by booking with us they are getting passionate and personal service rather than just booking with a faceless rental agent who cannot tell anything outside of what’s written on the apartment spec.

Ask us questions more specific to visiting London, such as best walking tours, good restaurants in your neighborhood, opening times, best shuttle company or anything else you would like to know.

London Hideaways is open 7 days a week year round, and so we make ourselves available round the clock to clients and owners alike. We really believe that the success of our company depends on building and maintaining a personal relationship with everyone involved in the apartment rental process. Creating a relaxed, trustworthy atmosphere is of prime importance. Most owners are in touch with London Hideaways several times a month and we meet personally on a regular basis."

London Hideaways is the sister company of Paris Hideaways, vacation rentals in the city of lights with over 150 apartments ranging from charming studios to posh 3 bedrooms .

Stay in touch to find out more soon!

Again, we are very happy to answer any questions or concerns you have, advise you as to which apartment suits your needs and be a point of contact should you have concerns upon arrival in London.

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