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  • Fitzrovia
1 Bedroom
3 persons
38 m²
From £850 per week

Fitzrovia is one of the few places in London that nourishes the eccentric, mixes classic beauty with quirky charms, cradles tradition while breathing life into creative minds that cherish innovation. This charming one bedroom furnished apartment welcomes you to discover Fitzrovia and Marylebone at your own pace. The interior boasts an impeccable style; soaring ceilings, expansive windows and comprehensive amenities. The decoration of this holiday rental is carefully chosen to make you feel at home. Read more


  • Fitzrovia
1 Bedroom
4 persons
50 m²
From £750 per week

Offering a fresh new style coupled with heaps of charm, this immaculate London holiday rental is a gorgeous example of fine living London apartment. A perfect balance between the classic of its interiors and the victorian flavor of its architecture blend harmoniously to create the perfect London furnished apartment for the business traveler, as well as for the visitor seeking a sanctuary from the ordinary while visiting Fitzrovia & Marylebone. Read more


  • Fitzrovia
2 Bedrooms
5 persons
59 m²
From £1450 /Week

This premier London holiday apartment with elevator and porter is located in London's Fitzrovia between Regent Park & the West End. The essence of this stunning designer furnished rental is one of superb spaciousness & exceptional use of natural lighting. Elegant interiors offer a gracious ambience and a large kitchen with quality appointments. It truly represents the zenith of London living. From the minute you step in to the second you leave, this is a London lifestyle experience that we ensure you'll look back on with delight. Read more


  • Fitzrovia
2 Bedrooms
6 persons
70 m²
From £1350 per week

Fitzrovia is one of the busiest area of London with famous markets and pubs. There's a great, bustling, intense city out there. But in the soothing sanctuary of Casablanca, you'd never know. Set within a lovely victorian building on a semi residential street. Larger parties and families will love the inviting space and honeymooners will enjoy the posh location, the design and the fantastic terrace at the back. Opulent and unforgettable, this beautiful London holiday rental set on 2 floors is a window on British history and culture. Read more

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